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A little about me
What I know so far
Photo Album
Born Joseph R Brennan August 7, 1968 in Philadelphia, PA and at around age 2 we moved to New Castle, De and at around age 4 we moved to Elkton, Md. I know live in Chesapeake City Md and work for the Army Corps of Engineers as a marine traffic controller, directing shipping traffic through the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal. I have been doing this now for almost 10 years and prior to this I was at a retail store and lot attendent for a dealership and from 1987 to 1991 I was in the U.S. Navy stationed in Hawaii as a machanic on a submarine the U.S.S. Birmingham SSN-695 that is is now decommissioned. I graduted from St. Marks High School Wilmington, De in 1987 and I went to Immaculate Conception grade school in Elkton, Md from 1973 to 1984. My parents are Joseph M Brennan and Lorretta E Donohue.
My Hobbies include: Photography, hunting and fishing, playing around making web pages, and I dabble a bit with cross stitching yeah I said cross stitching lol.
I also like to chat around the net and I am a memeber of several communties at MSN and I go by the nick name Celtic Warrior so if you know me "Hey whats up!" Well as I have always said there's not much about me lol and thats it have a great day!!!